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The Jan Mulder Memorial Fund

is a foundation started by the Mulder family with the aim to support young Filipinos with:

Project 2021: Caring for elderly in Payatas

Elderly The project area is Lupang Pangako, a resettlement area in Payatas. Payatas was the dumping site of Metro Manila’s until a large pile of garbage first collapsed and then went in flames, destroying 100 slum houses and killing 218 people and another 300 missing. Payatas is still a very poor area. The poorest among the poor are the elderly folks. In the Philippines live more than 9 million elderly, aged 60 or above.
The Philippines has the lowest social pensions in this part of the world. Only 32% of the elderly receive a contributary pension, 38% gets some money from a social pension program for indigent people. 30% vof the elderly has no pension at all.
The senior citizens are particularly vulnerable because most of them have pre-existing health conditions like hypertension, asthma, weak lungs, and other diseases connected to poverty and to old age. Loneliness and depression are on the rise. Meaninglessness of life remains hurting.
Without adequate social pensions, dependency to siblings breeds physical and verbal abuses. Malnutrition abounds. Noticeable is the decreasing capability of the siblings to take good care of their elderly. Besides, siblings have not been oriented and trained with regards to home care for the elderly parents and grandparents affected by mood disorders, depression and anxiety.

JMMF supports this Program

Education and Training
* Basic Elderly Orientation
* Legal Rights, Issues and Campaigns
* Basic Health Care
* Family
  - Democratic and Christian Family Living Program
  - Seniors and Young Peoples Mutuality
  - Care-giving
* Counseling
* Health Consultations and periodic health check
* Community mini drug store

Jan Mulder weekend: October 24th, 2021

Sunday 24 oktober at 10 am there will be a celebration in the Catholic Church of Nijverdal, Netherlands. Pastor will be Jan Hulshof, a cousin of Jan Mulder.