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The Jan Mulder Memorial Fund

is a foundation started by the Mulder family with the aim to support young Filipinos with:

October 6, 2019: Fundraising for Lumads' schools on Mindanao

The Lumads people live in villages on the isle of Mindanao, the Southern part of the Philipines. Most of them have to cope with severe poverty and lack of human rights. Multinationals are mining on a big scale for gold, silver, copper and alike. These enterprise use their Philipine connections and bribe government officials. The Lumads cannot do much to oppose these invaders.
Father Bernard Roosendaal emailed a video:
From about 4:00 minutes to 7:10 pupils sing an Engilsh worded song "Go away" about the militairies and invading companies, destroying their school and living area.
School for evacuees: Bakwit Iskul
There is a brilliant school idea: the Evacuee School: 'Bakwit Iskul’. Bakwit Iskul's are mobile schools, not on a fixed spot. De Lumads value this idea a lot, as the schools are their future! The leaders asked us for supporting the pupils in Talinkot, a small village in the mountains in Southern Mindanao where many evacuees have fled to.
This project was also funded by the action in the Fasting period this spring. This raised € 3300,-. Thanks to all contributers.
The service will be on Sunday 6th of October at 11:00h in the church, Grotestraat 150, Nijverdal.

2018: Classroom for the Ken-yu in El Nido on the island Palawan

El Nido on island Palawan, PhilipijnenLast year we supported a project for the Ken-uy people. The church service on October 14th raised about € 700 and on the bank account we received another € 800 of gifts. We want to thank all contributors for this wonderful amount, which will start building the classroom.
The Ken-uy live in El Nido, a region in the North of the island Palawan. The leaders of this tribe asked support in building a small school for at least 22 children. Also 10 grown-ups like to learn reading and writing. A teacher volunteers to be there 3 days a week. We are eager to support this project. The Ken-uy live far away from town, when children want to attend school they will have to find their way through the jungle for several hours. This tropical forest and the Ken-uy themselves are endangered by mining, farmers and fishers, non-resident to the island. These non-residents came lately to the island, abusing and exhausting the natural sources.
Anawim: Justice for the Suppressed
This project on Palawan is one of the targets of the Anawim mission, started in April this year. Anawim has a broad meaning, and points at the necessary justice for poor and suppressed.
Poverty is nothing new, nor limited to the 3rd World or to the South. It is from all times and everywhere. The struggle for an economy of equality and justice has been going on for ages. The suppresses do not live far away, hidden in a forest. No, according to pope Fransiscus they may be your neighbors, are young people writing graffiti on the walls out of boredom or playing basket ball in the narrow streets of suburbia.
The project fits very well the thoughtful ideas of Jan Mulder, who regarded education as an important means to support and strengthen the suppressed Filipinos.