Memorial Fund


Jan, teaching at university The memorial fund is founded by the Mulder Family to support young Filipinos with scholarships. In particular young people with potential capacities, but who otherwise have no possibilities to study due to little financial resources at home.
The foundation also will support better facilities for studying. This may be done by building and furnishing classrooms, equipping school libraries, etc.
“Supporting the Filipino people reaching higher levels by education”, that was the basic motivation in heart and soul of Jan Mulder for his beloved people in the Philippines.

Projects initiated at the Philippines

The Carmelites on the Philippines assess which youngsters are eligible for a grant. Criteria are established for this selection, like: potential for a successful study, serious lack of financials, good and steady academic performance, etc. The intention is that the scholarship is used for tuition, books and transportation.
Bernard Roosendaal, passed away  
Mostly these young people are asked to take on voluntary tasks within the community where they live. For example by working with deaf, illiteracy, organizing cultural activities and sports programs.
Up to 2019 Father Bernard Roosendaal coördinated our activities in the Philippines; unfortunately he passed away in 2019. His task is continued by Father Rico Ponce, provincial of the Carmelites in de Philippines.