September, 2015: Thank you by student Paul Kaptain

Video clip below is in English by Paul Kaptain. It starts off with a little Dutch introduction and ends with a Dutch translation.

July 1st, 2011: A letter from Bernard Roosendaal

Note this letter is about the students supported by the JMMF. It is translated from the originally Dutch letter of Bernard

Marlon LesteGueta, 20 years, got a scholarship in 2009 and started his fourth and last year in July. He studies at the University of the Philippines in Dilliman, Quezon City and will do his final exams in March 2012. He will be a Bachelor in Arts in Filipino Creative Writing. He might become a teacher at High school or he may go into journalism.
Later this year he will decide and we will hear more of him next year March.

Roel Castillo, 21 years is in the fourth year of the Technological Institute of the Philippines and will do his final exam Mathematics in March 2011. He will work in education. He is a excellent student and surely will pass his exam without any problem.
Next year there will be more news about him.

Erwin Jay delos Santos, 20 years, studies at Far East University in Manila and started his second year Information Technology in June. He had excellent results at the end of his first year, he works hard and still finds time to do some work in our parish of San Isidro in Novaliches, Quezon city.

Paul Kaptain, the seminarian of our mission in Papua New Guinea. He studies in Cebu City at the San Carlos University and started his second year Philosophy last June. After a lot of changing, he finally found his way and is doing well. Also his study goes fine. He lives in our community in Cebu City.

This year we also adopted Hanna Tomada. She is the daughter of Dario Tomada, founder of a farmers organisation in East Visayas region, the two big islands Leyte en Samar. Dario was on the list to be eliminated because of his leading position in the farmers movement. He survived an assassination in 2009, while his brother got wounded. In July 2010 he was kidnapped by armed men, imprisoned en accused of murders, committed in 1985. As usual any trace or probability lacks. We are in contact with him and his family of wife and four children. On request of the parents, we decided to help the eldest daughter Hanna to continue her study, now her father is not able to support the family financially. She started the third year college at the Visayas State University in Leyte to become an elementary school teacher.
We propose to Hanna as a new student his year for a bursary of the JMMF. Hopefully you will agree.
Note: In the mean time this proposal is accepted by the JMMF foundation.

Last year we also asked for a contribution to support the surgery of a child with a a harelip (cleft palate). Anton Hoogland was in contact with this family, but when the surgery was to take place, no contact with the family was possible.
We decided to cancel this project.

To keep supporting these five students until the end of their studies, it looks better not to extend the bursaries with more students than Hanna this year..
The JMMFund by the end of May 2011 had:  P.  163.000,00
Minus five bursaries June to October 2011:  P. 72.914,35
Leaves a balance by the June 30, 2011 of:  P. 90.085,65

I wish you a good meeting on July 11.

Yours sincerely, Bernard.

Scholarships of the JMMF, a project since the start in 1999

Supporting young Philipinos with scholarships is an ongoing activity of the Jan Mulder Memorial Fund.
In particular we try to support talented promising students who have no chance to follow a good education because of poor financial conditions.

A group of people, amongst them Bernard Roosendaal, decide whom will be nominated for a bursary. Criteria are stated like: promising talent, financial need, continuing good results. The scholarship is meant for college fee, books and transport.

In most cases these students are asked to volunteer in the community the live in, e.g. to work with deaf mutes, alphabetise, organising cultural and sporting activities.